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A Minimalist’s Choice Pendant Light by OPI

With its modernized yet simplistic design, this light fixture puts the busy mind to rest. It creates appeal within a moments notice and greets you with a stunning style in any of its four colors : Basalt Black, Mint Green, Wonderland White, and Greyhound Grey.

It's practically made to be placed underneath a kitchen space to ignite a deep and personable conversation that goes on for hours long.

It's no secret, most people spend eating time with their phones rather than family. It isn't what it used to be as the time to create a stronger and closer bond is no longer there. Maybe it's time to break the mold by using a light fixture, such as this, to reconnect and reground our relationships with family and friends.

Image sitting around a bar or dinner table. A plate of assorted cheese freshly cut from the wedge with the finest bottle of champagne and aged wine that's been waiting to be opened for a few decades. You and your family and maybe a few of your closest friends gather around. Phones put away, and all the attention focused on each other. As each of you indulge in the food and admire one another underneath the dimmed lighting, tears are shed from heartbreaking stories, laughs outburst from embarrassing  never-before-told secrets, and most importantly bonds have been made into kindred spirits.

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Nova Hanging Wooden-Pegged Nordic Lantern Wall Lamp

Obscure yet familiar, this nordic lantern lamp is perfect for the bedroom or hallway that will illuminate both the room and your heart. It has eye-catching appeal with its out-in-the-open-light framed by carefully curved metallic shade from the strongest iron available.

Because its support is based from a stronghold of a smoothed and sanded wooden peg, this contemporary design displays modern fashion at its finest. The Nordic times-of-old touch is brought back into the present recreated into a creation that acts both as art and decor.

This piece carries its charm not only from its style of design but also from it available colors. It allows an atmosphere that welcomes a space for anyone to brainstorm fresh ideas, undisturbed relaxing, and critical productivity. Perhaps its best underneath a desk in a bedroom or underneath a coffee table in the living room?

It comes in two colors: Jet Black & Marble White

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Nordic Pendant Light by Tevy

Ever have a stressful day and just need a comfort area to completely escape reality?

Perfect for relaxing and winding down from a busy day, this piece is available in 4 mellow colors that’ll help easy the mind , put worries to rest, and help any stressful behavior dial down into pure bliss.

This piece works especially well underneath a kitchen bar, living room, or a snug and cozy corner space. It could be as simple as switching out another light fixture to another like this that can make the biggest difference.

Add a modern touch and a warm glow to your kitchen ensemble with this sleek and stylish pendant. A lovely way to introduce contemporary style into your ensemble!  Suspended by a wire, this piece creates instant modern appeal in your space. 

Include a cutting edge touch and a warm glow to your kitchen with this smooth and in vogue pendant. A beautiful method to bring contemporary style into your ensemble! Suspended by a wire, this piece makes instane modern appeal in your space.

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Hanging Iron-Caged Nordic Lamp w/ Wooden Base by Allegra

If you’re in need of a piece that screams attention yet holds a subtle appeal to it, this might be the one for you. Its iron-caged design draws anyone's attention to it once they walk into the room, yet at the same time, it isn't overwhelming in the least, but alluring instead.

Are you a busy bee who has guests over constantly? This is great as a conversation starter for practically anyone. The contrast between the metallic iron and natural wood gives off an irresistible aura that sparks your guests’ curiosity. They’ll be asking “Where’d you get this? This looks beautiful!” without even realizing it.

Bolstered Black & Vanilla White

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Modern Wall Sconce by Kai

Imagine walking into your child’s bedroom. Any parents’ dream is to walk into a clean, simple yet appealing layout. Nothing fancy, but quite simplistic space that makes you feel relieved from clutter or complication. Perfect for both your son or daughter, this smooth and sleek design is perfect for any child’s bedroom.

Maybe you want a light that will be appropriate for a visiting guest. You want to impress them , be it family or friend, and make them think that you have an organized and straightforward taste for modern design. What’s the best way to impress? Keep it simple and don't overthink it. Stick to this basic design that blends in with a contemporary fashion.

Hunting down something unique to spruce your space? Change out your nightstand light for this sconce on the wall above! In addition to the fact that it lends a fashion-forward feel to your area, however it additionally opens up space for displaying accents and keeping nighttime basics close by. The ideal pick for any contemporary space, it features a clean-lined outline and flaunts a cleaned completion on its iron casing.

You can choose between Winter White, Metropolitan Grey, Cosmic Black, or Pearl Pink.

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